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New Lazy Bonez digisingle and lyrics video

New Lazy Bonez digisingle and lyrics-video "Calling The Wild" is now released!! Please feel free to share the videolink and subscribe to our channel. Stay Heavy

Lazy Bonez tribute to late Pecu Cinnari

Lazy Bonez would love to share a new music video from our first album to all our fans and metal heads. By this video Lazy Bonez would like to honor our member Pecu Cinnari – drummer of Tarot and Lazy Bonez – who passed away last year. We will remember you!


Lazy Bonez feat. Tony Martin “Racing Heart”

Lazy Bonez did some co-operation with legendary Tony Martin. The result was a song called “RACING HEART”.

We also did a music video with Mr. Ville Lipiäinen for it. It can be seen and heard here: