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New Lazy Bonez member

Lazy Bonez has now 7th member – keyboard player Heikki Polvinen!

Janne Tolsa is still one of the band, but due to his other projects we are forced to take a new keyboard player to “keep the train rolling”.

Promopic and some info about Heikki in the “Band” -page!

Lazy Bonez to support U.D.O. in October

Lazy Bonez will have very pleasant opportunity to support U.D.O. Steelhammer tour in October.

The gigs and venues are

2nf of Oct. / Forum Palace Vilnius – LT
3rd of Oct. / Rock Cafe Tallinn – EST
4th of Oct. / Melna Piektdiena Riga – LV
5th of Oct. / Nosturi Helsinki – FI

LAZY BONEZ debut gig 27th of July!

LAZY BONEZ debut gig 27th of July in Henry’s Pub Kuopio with the great support of TORNADO. This goes to category “must see”! Join us and feel free to share the event with your friends, jepp!